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Basic information

  • What is Palmaria?

    Palmaria is the main island in the Gulf of La Spezia (Gulf of Poets) reachable with our maritime transport, a very suggestive place and with an extensive trail network. There are 2 docks: Pozzale e Terrizzo.
    Palmaria overlooks the Porto Venere Canal on one side, from here the wonderful church of San Pietro is clearly visible. The church is located above the mouth of the Canal, on the limit between the gulf and the open sea. This stretch of coast is called Carlo Alberto and is characterized by the presence of numerous beach establishments and some accommodation facilities.
    The other side is called Pozzale and overlooks the Island of Tino. The landscape is characterized by the pine forest and numerous abandoned quarries.
    The maximum height of the island is approximately 190 meters (208 yards), it is covered by Mediterranean scrub and holm oak forest; you can go hiking and enjoy a breathtaking view of Porto Venere and the open sea.
    There are numerous interesting places, for example the abandoned quarries of Portoro (a variety of marble) that are located a short distance from the Pozzale dock or Carlo Alberto, reachable from the Terrizzo dock.

  • How to reach Palmaria?

    You can reach Palmaria with our navigation services. The island can be reached by line 01. There are 2 docks: Pozzale and Terrizzo.

  • What are the Cinque Terre?

      Cinque Terre are five coastal villages in Eastern Liguria, Italy. it is possible to reach them by land and by sea. They are: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.
      Since 1997 they have been included, as a "cultural landscape", in the UNESCO "World Heritage" list with Porto Venere and the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.
      The sea area on which these villages overlook is protected and subject to limitations to preserve its enormous wealth of pelagic flora and fauna.

Lines and tickets

  • Which line is the most suitable for my trip?

    The Cinque Terre - Golfo dei Poeti Maritime Tourist Consortium provides a range of lines covering: the Gulf of Poets, the Cinque Terre, the Islands (Palmaria and Tino) and the Apuan Riviera.

    A fleet of 20 boats for the passenger service that has connected the towns from Moneglia (Liguria) to Viareggio (Tuscany) for almost half a century.

    Our lines are:

    • Line 01 The Gulf of La Spezia
    • Line 02 Cinque Terre (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso)
    • Line 03 Viareggio and the Apuan Riviera
    • Tour of 3 Islands (Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto)

    All the locations reached by our navigation services:
    Viareggio, Marina di Massa, Marina di Carrara, Tellaro, Lerici, San Terenzo, La Spezia, Fezzano, Cadimare, Le Grazie, Portovenere, Palmaria Island (Terrizzo and Pozzale), Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso, Levanto, Deiva Marina and Moneglia.

  • Which ticket should I choose?

    Our navigation service offers different types of tickets. To consult the rates for each route, simply click on the reference link for each Line (Line 01 Gulf; 02 Cinque Terre; 03 Viareggio and Apuana Riviera; and Islands):

    • One-way ticket: valid for one way, on a single route, from the port of departure to the port of destination.
    • One-way ticket (all stops): valid for one way, on a single route, from the port of departure to the port of destination. It allows you to stop at the intermediate landings included in Line 02 Cinque Terre.
    • Return ticket: It is valid for the outward and return journey, on a single route, from the port of departure (e.g.: La Spezia) to the port of destination (e.g.: Portovenere) and return to the port of departure.
    • One-day ticket:It is valid only on the day of issue or on the date indicated in the advance sale. It allows you to take advantage of all the routes covered by the line (01 Gulf or 02 Cinque Terre) and to move freely among the landing places. You can check out the prices on the price list HERE.
      More specifically: for an entire day, it allows you to reach any destination from the port of departure and the return trip is free to any port. The ticket is personal and non-transferable. In case of an online purchase, it can be refunded, only if there is a suspension of the service on the lines, within the day indicated for its validity.
    • Afternoon ticket: it is valid only on Line 02 Cinque Terre, during the afternoon hours, purchasable starting at 2:00 pm at the ticket offices. This ticket makes it possible to take advantage of all the routes included on Line 02 Cinque Terre, in a single payment. You can travel from the port of departure and thus reach any other port on this line. You can return to the port of departure or end your journey in any location served by Line 02.
    • Ticket book of 10 tickets for Palmaria (landing place: Pozzale or Terrizzo).
      It is a ticket book with 10 return tickets, you can check out the price on our price list HERE.
      The ticket book is valid for the season of issue, each ticket must be stamped/punched upon departure. The ticket book is non-transferable.
    • Group Tickets, for information write to prenotazioni@ngdp.it
  • Islands Tour (Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto)

    • Islands tour from Portovenere: it is valid from the port of departure (Portovenere) leaving at 12:00 noon or 3:00 pm, it does not include stops and the return is to the port of departure.
    • Islands tour ticket Lerici or La Spezia: it is valid from the port of departure (Lerici or La Spezia), it includes a single mandatory stop at Portovenere for the connection (at 12:00 noon or 3:00 pm) and the return trip is to one of the departure ports.
    • Islands Tour additional charge: a discounted ticket to take advantage of the tour of the islands departing from Portovenere at 12:00 noon or 3:00 pm, which can be purchased in combination with the one-day ticket.
  • Line 03 Viareggio and Apuan Riviera - Cinque Terre Tickets

    • Portovenere One-day Ticket: a ticket valid for the outward and return journey, from the port of departure (one of the landing places on Line 03: Viareggio, Marina di Massa, Marina di Carrara) to Portovenere and the return trip to the port of departure
    • Cinque Terre additional charge for Line 03 tickets (when you purchase a Line 03 ticket you can include this option). This is an additional charge added to the Portovenere One-day Ticket; it is a ticket that allows you to use all the routes included in Line 02 Cinque Terre for one entire day, thus continuing your trip past Portovenere itself (where the motor vessel will stop without the need for passengers to change vessels).
      The additional charge allows you to reach any port on line 02 Cinque Terre. The return takes you back to Portovenere; it is possible to use any of the Consortium carriers; from Portovenere, you return to the port of departure.
  • What is meant by a day ticket?

      Travel ticket that allows you to get on and off the motor ships, any number of times, at each dock indicated on Line 01 or 02 over the course of an entire day and without having to pay a supplement.

Timetables, fares and updates

  • How can i consult timetables and fares?

    Fares and timetables can always be consulted online on our website, the booklet with the complete timetable is available in PDF.

  • How can I keep updated on any possible changes in the schedules due to weather conditions at sea?

    How do I stay updated on any schedule changes due to weather/marine conditions? We suggest that those who travel with us should download our APP, visit our website, and follow our social pages, so as to receive real-time updates on events, initiatives, special routes, and weather and sea conditions. Travel informed!

  • Is there a fee for carrying luggage on board?

    The traveler may carry luggage or other easily transportable items (strollers, baby carriages, high chairs, folding chairs, beach umbrellas, deck chairs, musical instruments, etc.) on board, free of charge, provided the items are not too bulky (at the discretion of the boarding staff) or might disturb or harm other travelers, and that they do not hinder the crew’s activities or the boarding and deboarding of passengers.

Preferential treatment and reductions

Where, how and when to buy tickets

  • How do I make the purchase?

    On the same day of departure, it is possible to purchase your ticket at the ticket offices of the Cinque Terre Maritime Tourist Consortium - Gulf of Poets.

    Tickets that can be purchased online, up to eight hours before the lines open, are: daily 01, 02, 03; Islands tour. The other tickets must be purchased on the day of departure at our ticket offices; the possibility of purchasing ends just a few minutes prior to departure and is in relation to the number of seats available on the motor vessel. We recommend that you reach our ticket offices at least fifteen minutes before boarding so that you can buy your ticket without any problems.

    We remind travelers that at the landing places of San Terenzo, Tellaro, Cadimare, Fezzano, and Le Grazie, tickets can be purchased on board the motor vessel.

    At the towns of Deiva Marina, Moneglia and Vernazza tickets are available for purchase at the boarding wharf.

    In Marina di Carrara tickets are available for purchase at the Club Nautico.

    Tickets that can be purchased online are one-day tickets for the lines: 01 Gulf, 02 Cinque Terre, 03 Viareggio and Riviera Apuana, Tour of the three islands.

    For further information regarding online purchases, write to ecommerce@ngdp.it

Services, conveniences and assistance

  • What facilities and conveniences are the motor vessels equipped with?

    There are toilets on each motor vessel.
    We remind travelers that at the moment none of the motor vessels is equipped with a toilet accessible to people with disabilities, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    A free Wi-Fi service is available on each motor vessel for those who purchase a one-day ticket. In order to access the network, enter the alphanumeric code attached to the ticket.

    The café service is currently not guaranteed on our motor vessels.

  • Service notifications

    By downloading our APP, and following our social channels, you will receive real-time updates on: events, initiatives, special routes, and weather/sea conditions. Travel informed!

  • Free audio guides!

    The Daily Ticket (for Lines 01, 02, 03) includes our free audio guide. A useful and accessible tool in multiple languages ​​(Italian, English, French) that describes this unique territory from the perspective of those who know it best: its inhabitants. You can enjoy the free service by downloading our “NGDP” App.:   

  • Are pets allowed to board?

    Small and medium-sized animals on a leash and wearing a muzzle are allowed on board. The care of the animals during transport is the responsibility of the owners.

  • How do people with disabilities and motor difficulties board?

    The boarding of people with disabilities is a priority. If necessary, it is possible to ask the crew for help. Not all the locations served by our lines are easily accessible to disabled people and people with motor difficulties due to the presence of architectural barriers (stairs, uneven walkways, steeply inclined ramps/gangways).

  • Is there a fee for carrying baggage?

    Those who travel with us on our boats can board luggage, or other easily transportable objects, free of charge (strollers, prams, high chairs, folding chairs, beach umbrellas, deck chairs, musical instruments, etc.) provided that they do not disturb or harm other travelers, or that these objects do not hinder the crew's activities and the boarding and deboarding of passengers.

  • Who can I contact if I lose an object on one of the motor vessels?

    You can contact the staff on board, the ticket offices or send us a written message to: info@ngdp.it

  • B2B, port services

    The Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti offers a B2B service by reservation which provides for transport, for boats at anchor and in port, of: sailors, technicians, and inspectors.

    For more information, please write an email to porto@ngdp.it

  • Wi-Fi

    On board our motorboats you can enjoy the free and unlimited wi-fi network.

  • App

    The daily ticket includes a dedicated App to take advantage of the free "audio guide" service and receive updates on weather and sea conditions, special trips and initiatives.:   

Assistance and security

  • What number can I call if I can’t find an answer to my queries?

    If this page does not answer your doubts and you urgently need further information, please phone us at this number: (+39) 0187 732987
    or contact us at info@ngdp.it

  • Is smoking allowed on board?

    Smoking is prohibited on board. The on-board personnel are legitimately responsible for monitoring compliance with this regulation and for reporting any non-compliance to the competent Authorities in accordance with the Law of January 16th, 2003 and the related implementation agreement of December 16th, 2004.
    Any non-compliance will involve the intervention by the Police, if necessary, in addition to an eventual reprimand by the personnel in charge of on-board checks.

  • Where can I consult the on-board regulations?

    The onboard regulation is available online HERE.

  • Where can I consult your environmental policy?

    The Environmental Management System is available online, it can be consulted HERE.
    This tool integrates the management of environmental aspects related to the maritime context into our corporate policies; the aim is to protect the environment, the health and safety of workers, minimizing the impact generated by all of our company procedures.

  • Accidental damage to people or things on board

    Any accidental event, damage or injury involving passengers and their belongings must be immediately reported to the crew for the necessary annotations and declarations to be presented to the competent Authorities, according to the provisions of article 182 of the Navigation Code.

    The company declines all responsibility for events that occurred on board and were not specifically and expressly notified to the crew prior to deboarding. Therefore, complaints received after deboarding will not be taken into consideration.

  • Complaints

    Any complaints may be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the Cinque Terre Maritime Tourist Consortium - Golfo dei Poeti, Via Giovanni Minzoni, 13, 19121 La Spezia or by email to info@ngdp.it


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