Boating services

Our services for construction sites and companies

Here you will find all the information for a service for private individuals and companies with specific needs that require the intervention of highly qualified navigation and boat specialists.
The Consortium is a provider of transport services, 7/7 24/24, to companies.
For the Gulf of La Spezia, it is the only one that can provide certain types of service.
Our activities, in fact, do not only concern scheduled transport but are developed with the same expertise and intensity in the b2b sphere.

B2B port service

This is the service made available 24/7 for any type of ship that, while at anchor, needs to embark or disembark: professionals and technicians, crew members, documents or goods.

For information on availability and costs, please write to:

The story of the service

From the second post-war period, more boatmen operated in the port and bay of La Spezia, engaged in service to merchant ships that remained off shore for a few days waiting for their turn on the quay and in need of sending crew members or people ashore for various needs. These boatmen carried out their activities individually and often in competition with each other. They used large motorboats called “lancioni”, almost all of which were former lifeboats of disused ships.

In the 60s of the last century, however, the ships decreased, so, to compensate for the decrease in work, the boatmen saw the possibility of rebalancing their services with new activities, buying more capable motorboats and starting to carry out the connecting races between La Spezia and Il Pozzale, a beach located on the southern side of the Palmaria Island, but also excursions to the 5 Terre and Tour of the 3 Islands.

Over the years, the boatmen from La Spezia decided to reunite and in 1985 create the Cooperative Gruppo Battellieri del Golfo, and in relation to the continuous growth of tourists they expanded their fleet. We remember and mention the motorboat Belvedere of Armando Bonamini and Ferdinando Seras, later replaced by Ferruccio Bazzoli, the motor ship Maestrale of Luciano Esposito and the motor ship Paradiso of Lorenzo Bello and Giuseppe Arena.

In 1997 the Battellieri Group and the Golfo dei Poeti joined together, becoming today a unique thing.


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