Our fleet

Boats certified to comply  top safety standards

The fleet consists of over 16 boats, constantly renewed to maintain all the necessary sailing comforts.

  • Albatros

    36m 650pax 11nodi
  • Beluo

    32m 400pax 30nodi
  • Euro

    27m 350pax 20nodi
  • Euro V

    31m 400pax 20nodi
  • Lem

    27m 330pax 20nodi
  • Lerici

    34m 593pax 20nodi
  • Cinque Terre

    31m 400pax 20nodi
  • Golfo dei Poeti

    27m 330pax 18nodi
  • Levanto

    31,5m 515pax 18nodi
  • Monterosso

    27m 350pax 18nodi
  • Paradiso

    17m 136pax 14nodi
  • Portovenere

    27m 350pax 18nodi
  • Trei Fre

    30m 350pax 20nodi
  • Ufo III

    27m 350pax 20nodi
  • Ufo IV

    27m 350pax 20nodi
  • Euro IV

    25m 300pax 18nodi

All Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti boats are certified with the utmost respect for the environment.

Certified Boats by Rina

Explore our daily excursions

Cinque Terre

Hop on and off the Cinque Terre VIllages.

The Gulf of Poets

Sail across the Gulf of La Spezia, between Lerici and Portovenere. 

Trip around the Islands

 Portovenere, Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto Islands