Can we book our ticket?

Tickets can be purchased the same day at the ticket offices up to 10 minutes before departure.
For groups consisting of at least 20 people, it is necessary to make a reservation at least 7 days before departure on 0187 732987.
We are activating the online booking, already availbale for the Versilia route.

Can we tke pet on board?

Access to boats is allowed for small and medium-sized pets. Normally pets must be equipped with a leash and muzzle, small animals will be able to get on board if properly placed in bags or carriers. In any case, the responsability for the behavious of animals during transport is carried by the owner. The Commander has the right to evaluate admission on board based on the number of passengers or for any reason deemed necessary.

Is the daily ticket for a roundtrip?
Si, ed è valido solamente il giorno dell’emissione.
Children take advanteged of reduced fares?

Children up to 6 years do not pay; from 7 to 11 years pay the reduced ticket.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Are there reductions for the elderly, disabled, military and / or other categories?

At the moment there are no reductions.

Can pregnant women use the ferry service?

Yes if they do not have particular restrictions indicated by the doctor. 

Are there toilets on board the boats?

Yes, each boat is equipped with a toilet.

Are there public toilets in the villages of departure and disembarkation?


When does the service season start and end?

Generally the season starts on April 1st and ends on November 1st.

When is the service suspended?

When the marine weather conditions are not favorable.
The management reserves the right to decide the same day.

Is there a bar on board the boats? Is it possible to eat on board?
Le imbarcazioni partono puntuali?

Do the boats leave on time?

Is it possible to swim during the crossing?

It is strictly forbidden to dive from the boat.

Is it possible to find refreshment points in the villages of departure and disembarkation? Are there spaces to eat packed lunches?

Yes, in every town there are hotels, restaurants – pizzerias and bars.
The villages do not have areas specifically set up for packed lunches but there are no particular restrictions.

How many people carry the boats?

They range from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 650 passengers.